Røst AiR


We host a varied number of artist in residencies during a year. We also organise and host workshops, seminars and happenings.

Røst AiR works by invitation, but there will be a few spots available for open call and some for guest artists. All artistic and theoretical practices are welcome.

The residency includes a combined living and working space, as well as support towards “green” travel expenses. The food is mainly organic and/ or local, and is included in the stay, with one to two communal meals a day. A grant for green travel and stay is given to each artist. Sometimes we also offer material stipends.
We have a eco-friendly profile and ask people to travel “green” and stay as long as they can. Artists in residency (and people travelling from abroad) should stay a minimum of one month(including the green journey).

How to apply

We mainly work by invitation only, however each year we consider some applications. We will accept open call proposals from September 15th til December 15 for a residency the following year. Note: We only offer “green” travel stipends. We make excemptions for artists who have low CO2 footprint or are disabled/have particular health challenges.

If you are interested in being considered for a 2020 residency, please send the following information by email; subject heading Røst AIR Artist Submission, and your name: Thank you!

  1. Full name, place/date of birth and contact details.
  2. Artistic proposal and how your stay and work will relate to our local,
    environmental context and Røst AiR’s profile.
  3. Biog and CV.