Røst AiR

Resources for artists in need !

The KREML/Russian state’s war on Ukraine is horrific and devastating; tearing communities, families including animal kin, and nature apart.  The war on Ukraine is the last thing this trembling planet needs, keeping in mind the social unjust, fast escalating climate crisis, and Covid epidemy.

The sacrifices of young men sent to war and those defending their countries are tragic and heartbreaking. We need to stand together and demand non-patriarchal responses to conflict and disagreements.

Røst AiR and our allies, wish to support and stand in solidarity with artists from Ukraine.

We also wish to support the Russian who are protesting the war and human/nature/animal rights violations in Russia, by The KREML/Russian state towards their own citizens and towards other countries.  The condition for outspoken artists, cultural workers, writers, journalists in Russia is terrible and worsening day by day. In the last few years arrests, fines, court cases, prison sentences, and police brutality have increased for anyone opposing the Russian state /KREML. People’s lives are at risk and after the new laws that passed in Kremlin on 4.3.2022, oppositional life in Russia will be even more desperate.

Røst AiR will be able to support artists/writers/poets/curators/cultural workers/journalists who wish to come for a 1- 3-month AiR Stay. We will also reach out to artists in need in other occupied lands, such as Palestine by the Israeli state.

Please contact us at foreningarostair@gmail.com